Rethinking the Business Model

If you want to enter the home-based business arena to generate a cash cow the direct sales model is the most lucrative, but there are considerable inequalities in the compensation plans. Instantaneous commission checks are normally larger than in network marketing, so if you desire fast money, direct sales could be your big ticket.
Direct sales isn’t a get rich quick form of business but the numbers don’t lie; it’s an extremely profitable and truly lucrative business entity once you’re established.

In direct sales you receive payment from a new affiliate instantly and then the company receives their portion. The sale of products or services takes place through person-to-person contact or through an online business medium away from a retail location with no middleman involved.

If you think about it, selling is an outlandish endeavor because achieving financial success in this industry is contingent upon your own individual efforts. Some consider sales to be an art in the category of persuasion.

It’s estimated that if you bring up the term “selling” over 95% of people will have an instant negative connotation associated with the term appear in their mind. Where is the negativity coming from? When you make a sale all you’re doing is solving a problem or enhancing an existing business model for a potential buyer.

In direct sales if you convey your liveliness and warmth whenever you talk about your opportunity, people will want to buy from you and be a part of what you have to offer. The reason why the direct selling industry continues to develop is because word-of-mouth advertising flat out works.

Starting a direct-selling business and developing a team not only means fantastic money, but it develops priceless leadership skills that countless people can leverage into other areas of their lives. It’s one of those opportunities that centers around how intelligently you can work, not on the number of hours you work.

If you’re analyzing the direct sales industry your research will show you how financially independent you could be in the near future if you make up your mind to enter this work from home option. According to specific reports, one quarter of the U.S. population has bought products and services supplied by people in the direct selling business.

Another recent survey displays the direct selling industry as gaining control of a large chunk of the market share because of the internet. The online medium has revolutionized direct sales because it’s comparatively inexpensive and simple to launch a website. In the online world, there’s a 24/7 global audience for your services.

The majority of home based business opportunities you see online are mainly direct sales based. With the internet and technological advancements you can generate massive amounts of immediate cash flow while offering more availability to the consumer. The financial rewards of direct selling are abundant. HoweverHealth Fitness Articles, not all direct sales pay plans are created equal. Select one of the best direct sales business opportunities wisely and forget about having to work for someone else again.

Can Small Business Concepts Work in Big Corporations?

I read an article in Forbes on-line today by Matt Symonds asking “Can Entrepreneurship be Taught to Big Business”? It seems that several business schools are trying to find a way to develop a term called “intrapreneurship”, or corporate entrepreneurship.

They see the need to drive small business innovation and flexibility to large corporations. While I certainly see the need to do so I will never believe that most large corporations will ever embrace those qualities with anything other than “lip service”.

Large companies have basically insulated themselves from their customers through cost cutting, and outsourcing. When was the last time you called a large company with an issue and got a live person on the phone without going through a series of maddening prompts? I had an issue with a credit card charge a few months back and was actually given the option of paying a fee for the opportunity to talk to a customer service representative. I have to admit I opted out.

The issues with large corporations go much deeper than the obvious however; the issues are fed by fear of liability, seemingly lack of trust of employees and turf management.

I’ve had experiences with numerous large companies over the years and am constantly amazed that many remain viable.

One in particular that I’m familiar with is an excellent example of what I’m talking about. It’s a large Fortune 100 company in a highly regulated market. Product sales were historically driven by high quality and name recognition. As is common in most industries new competitors are entering the market putting cost pressures on the market leader.

They have responded by:

– Increasing sales goals on field reps, while:
– Cutting costs in inventory for sale
– Cutting levels of service personnel and spare parts
– Cutting billing and support personnel
– Eliminating training and customer education
– Centralizing all quotes and pricing delegations to headquarters functions, while maintaining almost no customer contact from that level.

In short there are conflicting goals and little or no customer contact beyond the sales reps in the field. To me this is a recipe for failure.

Large corporations whether through fear of litigation or lack of trust have layers of management and hundreds if not thousands of policies and procedures aimed at standardizing everything, where is the room for innovation in this environment?

Many years ago I worked at a senior level of a then Fortune 500 company. The saying there was “nails that stick out get hammered down”. I fear that’s as true today as it was then, maybe just more eloquently put.

I agree that lack of innovation, flexibility, poor communications are issues that are making large companies less competitive and vulnerable to smaller faster businesses. I also think that every company runs the risk of growing to a point that it loses the things that made it successful in the first place.

Only the most effective leadership can address these issues and prevent them or turn them around. That leadership ability must permeate through all levels of the organization. In a small business there are less layers to filter and interpret the message. Large corporations have many more opportunities to block out even the most effective focus and direction.

Until business schools can understand and resolve these issues which are based in human nature I do not see small business concepts being embraced by most corporations.

Martin Harshberger is President of Measurable Results LLC, and Bottom Line Coach. His coaching practice works with businesses to clarify strategy, develop new products and services, and improve bottom line results. He helps businesses develop options through improved profitability and cash flow.

Taking Advantage Of Serviced Offices To Start The Business Right

It can really be a stressful and challenging task to start a new business. While the thought of creating a lucrative business venture that you can manage and direct entirely can be exciting, it can also often cause new business owners to overlook the level of scrutiny and meticulous planning that is required during the initial stages of the process. It’s not enough to have your business idea ready and to have on hand a rough draft of how your operations will look.

Starting from scratch means that the tiniest details, even ones that may be deemed the least vital, contribute to the new venture’s ability to perform its tasks, so you will have to go through everything – finding a suitable workplace, acquiring supplies and equipment your workers will need, applying for utilities to be installed, and hiring services for maintenance, security, and other necessities that keep the place running smoothly.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be the path taken by your own fledgling business venture. Finding a traditional office space to rent and then fitting it out with everything your business needs, one by one, is a costly and time-consuming endeavour. It would be wiser to turn to a more flexible, cost-effective and convenient option for your workplace, and that would be the serviced office.

Because serviced offices are typically found in central business locations, your business will be off to a good start in terms of setting up shop in spaces where more established rivals also reside. It can be difficult for a start-up to secure a traditional and expensive office space in an impressive location.

Serviced offices, however, are right where the action is so you can immediately gain an edge over your competition. Utilities and important business features are already installed and available, so you won’t have to languish in limbo waiting for the office to be fitted with what you need to start operations. High speed Internet access, videoconferencing capabilities, meeting room facilities, reception and call handling services and administrative or secretarial support will be readily provided with a serviced office, which means that upon occupying the space, your business is good to go. You won’t lose profitable opportunities because of lost time.

Chairs, tables, storage facilities, and office supplies may not initially appear to be a priority, but without these, you’ll immediately see how much your processes can become delayed. You won’t have to allocate time for purchasing and having these equipment delivered because they’ll already be in the serviced office.

Important Stuffs to Know in Direct Marketing Business

In relation to a direct marketing business, you’ve to don’t forget that you may discover several issues that need to be assessed all through. Since you might take note, the actual truth in the matter this really is that direct marketing business is all about acquiring the right type of advertising present.
This is actually a thing that has to be labored on cast in stone should you wish to guarantee which you are acquiring the proper type of leverage achievable. In selecting direct marketing business contacts, guarantee which you are effectively researched in every subjects permitting you to have the maximum quantity of goodwill.

To be sure, with this current corporate landscape there is lots that wants to be assessed specially when seeking at direct marketing business. With cyberspace evolving, you know to obtain a undeniable truth that it really is achievable to surely get in love with numerous social networking that can assist you on your way. Take into account all this as opportunities when it comes to acquiring exactly what you need intended for direct marketing business. Moreover, furthermore, you have to conserve the undeniable truth that there is certainly a great deal of info present on the web for your perusal concerning all these aspects as you’d expect.

Make particular that once you do conduct an successful penetration of investigation which you feel of approaches it really is achievable to prosper your business with small dependence. But the actual truth this really is that to guarantee which you carry out a business you’ll want to guarantee which you conduct a considerable penetration of investigation as you’d expect. It is that you’ll want to at times be emphasizing. Take into account approaches to truly get ahead in the remaining portion of the competition via direct marketing business prospects. Feel of investigation from every angle just before you make a decision of some kind.

One intriguing ingredient that you need to feel of will be the numerous on the web forums that offer you exceptional approaches that you may get their hands on the proper type of info as you’d expect. Assess as considerably as it really is achievable to intended for each and every of the numerous details then discover out how direct marketing business will in reality be right for you. With that stated, you’ve to guarantee which you are effectively researched for this subject to have the ability to decide on who your contacts are when it comes to the full prospect of direct marketing business.

With a final but serious note, don’t forget that direct marketing business is all about the proper contacts. This can be precisely why you’re doing should ensure which you take into account the proper quantity of investigation prior to you producing a decision at all concerning direct marketing business. You’ll find several resources present and you are just asked to make use of them all.